Tuesday, 12 March 2013

These Times Are A Changing

Hi Friends!

It's that time of the week again, you know time to find out what Hagg's been up to. This week my Mum insinuated that my blog post have become too long and drawn out. I guess they have, but I have had so much to tell you about. From now on though I will try to be more selective in my stories. So this one is dedicated to you Mum! I guess you could call it a bit of belated Mother's Day gift, not a very good one, but still...

Moving On
This week at work I was told I would be moving office next week and pretty much handed a box. It has all been very last minute. It was only last week that it was rumoured that the company was thinking of moving some services to different locations so it seems decisions have been made very quickly. I am yet to be convinced if this move is going to be a beneficial thing, but it has actually helped clear my desk of lots of little jobs I haven't quite got round to. I am also looking forward to seeing the new place and moving from an open plan office to a smaller premises where I can finally get some peace and quiet and actually crack on with some serious work. On the other hand I am going to miss all the people that have brightened up my day over the past few years. It is a real end of an era, but hopefully it's onwards and upwards from here. That's not to say that I haven't made the most of the carnage around me all week and enjoyed the whole moving process.
I think I actually could have fit in the box with the lid down, but it all seemed a bit like the MI5 suitcase fiasco so I decided against trying it! Trust me my family don't want to hear stories that I was into all that and let me make it clear that I'm really not!

Saturday Night Feasting
On Saturday night, after sending a morning perusing the markets with Leigh, I went for dinner with Leigh and Justin and the excitable little rascal that is Ollie the dog. I had a fantastic night with some great food and drink. We noshed down on some butternut squash gnocchi which Leigh made from scratch and chatted over a glass of the outstanding Porcupine Ridge Syrah. Luckily for both you and me Leigh has already blogged about this dish and put the recipe on her blog (link at the side). It tasted great and I am always grateful when someone goes through the pain-stacking process of cooking stuff from scratch although Leigh and Justin's Friday night pizza night sounds just as amazing!
A special shout out needs to go to a truly inovative and decadent dessert - strawberry and chocolate nachos! Equal measures tasty to messy and a proper crowd pleaser.

Crazy Canadian Games
After dinner we settled in to play a few board games. Now don't snooze off now, when I say board games I don't mean your standard Monopoly or Cluedo. Oh no no these were some seriously out there board games. I really have no clue where they come from, but if you ever see one in the shop please don't walk on by. Instead go and buy one for guaranteed laughs and hours of fun!

  • Chairs - This is essentially a stacking game like Jenga. However, unlike Jenga this game is much more difficult as the chairs are all different shapes and styles and this makes for more tumbles and heckling that goes along with failure. I am sure a couple of glasses of wine didn't help either!

  • Quelf - This game is unlike any other and before you ask I have no idea why it is called Quelf. I really don't know how to describe apart from it being a turn based game where you are given tasks and dares for each move you make. Each is more weird and wacky than the next and generally involves you making a fool out of yourself from start to finish. Put it this way by the end of the game (which I lost) I had become a celebrity paparazzi, covered myself in tin foil and then rode an imaginary ostrich whilst giving a soliloquy. Truly bizarre but utterly entertaining!

Have You Heard What Haggy's Heard?
So, this week at work I have been learning about what it means to be a motivational leader. As part of this they showed some video clips that got me pumped up and I thought maybe I should pass on this feeling. So this week's have you heard what Haggy's heard is dedicated to life's great motivators and is full of videos and music that inspire me.

  • Food For Thought - Before watching any video or trying to motivate yourself, watch this video and ask a question of yourself - What do you want to do?
  • Eric Thomas - I only learnt about 'The Hip Hop Preacher' this week, but Eric Thomas has been giving motivational talks for years. Mr Thomas came from nothing when he was homeless to become an NFL star. I don't know about you, but if someone goes through that in life I am willing to listen and boy can he motivate. Here is one of his seminars Seminar Link. For all you sport heads out there here is Eric Thomas talking over someone killing it in pre-season training - Video Link
  • TED.com - This website is incredible. I was told about it by a random stranger in a pub in London. Odd I know, but it is packed full of amazing speeches not just those that can inspire, but those that can educate, those that can enlighten and those that can make you smile. Their motto is "Ideas Worth Spreading" and I agree so please go check it out.
  • Never Let Me Down - There's a lot of music out there that can lift my mood and motivate me, but this song never fails to pump me up. Sit back close your eyes and listen to the music. I challenge you not to feel lifted!
  • Herb Brooks - The man who changed the face of hockey and led the USA ice hockey team to glory over an all-dominating Soviet team in 1980. This speech comes from the film Miracle. Enjoy and remember great moments are borne from great opportunity.
  • Any Given Sunday - This needs no introduction but I couldn't put inspirational videos up without including this!

So friends heed the words of these inspirational snippets and use them to motivate you each and every day this week. Sometimes life can give you a kick in the nuts, but remember you are great and you can do anything you set your mind to! Go forth and achieve greatness in everything you do.

I hope that was short enough Mum!!!

Peas and love

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